Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Legacy in a Small Package

My definition of the word “legacy” drastically changed on July 20, 2013 with the marriage of my eldest son Christopher to the lovely Sarah Hyde. As guests entered into the reception hall, they saw a table with Chris and Sarah’s engagement picture on display. Behind that picture stood 10 wedding pictures, Kathy and I, Sarah’s parents, then grandparents, and great-grandparents. All told, the pictures spanned 4 generation.

I had never heard of that before at a wedding and seeing the pictures had a profound impact on me that weekend.  I realized that the pictures represented a legacy of love and commitment spanning over 80 years. Was everyone perfect? Of course not, we all have our faults. But one thing I know is that every couple stuck it out through the hard times and good, through the fights, and all the issues that come packaged with married life.

I was a teenager when the first Rocky movie came out (stay with me here . . .). I watched Sylvester Stallone and saw all the praise he received for his role as Rocky. I decided then that I wanted to make a name for myself like Stallone. I didn’t want to die in obscurity, without the world knowing my name. I wanted to leave my mark. Perhaps that fear drove me to start writing. I don’t know.

Fast-forward 40 years and there I stood at my son’s wedding, looking at 4 generations of pictures. That is the legacy I’m a part of, a legacy of love and commitment I’m so proud of. Even now, I’m sure no one remembers the short stories I’ve published. And who knows how many people will read my novel when it comes out in the next few weeks. No one, perhaps?

All that external stuff doesn’t matter to me as much after this past weekend. I’ve seen the pictures and I know my legacy lives on. I’ve left my little mark in the world and I’m so proud.

Thank you, Chris, Sarah, Jason, and, Kathy for opening my eyes.           

Here is my legacy:


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  1. Pretty cool that you are blogging. Amazing to look back at who got us here.