Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Medieval Mars Annoucement

No little green men, but how about dragons, knights, castles, and even an ornithopter thrown into this intriguing short story compilation titled: Medieval Mars: The Anthology (Terraformed Interplanetary Book 1)

I was so excited when I received the invitation to join several authors in this genre-bending project. There so much great world-building in this collection of short stories.

Imagine . . . A future terraformed Mars, where civilization crashed back into a Medieval Era. Christian Knights called “riders” patrol the Pilgrim Road from Olympus to New San Diego, on the Chryse Sea. The technological past is known as the “Age of Magic” and only a handful of people understand how the remaining ancient devices really work. Lighter gravity in dense air makes flying dragons and bird riders a reality; alloys of the past make “magic” swords; and masters of ancient knowledge wield wizard-like power.

Nine authors spin tales in this unique story world, one which combines elements of science fiction and high fantasy.

Click the image to launch your interplanetary adventure on Amazon. A 315-page collection of great stories for $1.99? No need for a rocket scientist to calculate the huge deal. :-) I hope you'll check it out.  Best Regards, Mark 


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