Monday, October 28, 2013

Love for all things Keurig

I have one vice in life—COFFEE. Pause . . . deep breath. OK, maybe chocolate . . . and . . . um . . . there’s also peanut butter. BUT COFFEE is my #1 vice. More times than not, a coffee mug is within reach, whether I’m driving or attending meetings at work, or relaxing at home during cold winter nights. During our fall vacation to the Canadian Maritime Provinces in October, I HAD to make my first pilgrimage to Tim Hortons. Hopeless? Yes, I’ll admit it.

When the kids bought Kathy and I a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas a couple of years ago, I entered coffee nirvana. Completely new vistas of aromas and tastes and brands opened to me. Not the frilly pumpkin or cinnamon or Hazelnut or wimpy spice coffees, mind you. I’m talking dark roast and Italian Roast. You know, manly brews.  I discovered Newman’s Own Extra Bold and Caribou Blend (Thank God there’s a store 30 minutes from home). I fell in love with Barista Prima Italian Roast and Tully’s Italian Roast Extra Bold.

To tell you how hopeless I am, I had to stop drinking ANYTHING that contained caffeine for a week to prepare for a medical test. One day after taking my last sip of coffee, the headaches started. Two days later, I noticed dull muscle aches spreading through my legs. Yep, I was going through caffeine withdraw. I was experiencing the coffee-equivalent of DTs.  

Well, the test results were fine and I’m pleased to announce I’m back partaking in my drug of choice. I’m equally pleased to announce the DTs are gone! Here’s a list of my favorite Keurig K Cups. What’s yours? If you have a favorite dark roast, pass it along!

·         Barista Prima Italian Roast
·         Newman’s Own Extra Bold
·         Starbucks French Roast
·         Tully’s Italian Roast Extra Bold
·         Caribou Blend


  1. We brought back coffee from El Salvador which is pretty good if you like mild flavor. But Rachael and I have been drinking Seattle's Best (at my house) and Gevalia (at her house). Both are really good, Gevalia especially. It's just very expensive. But you know, sometimes I do enjoy a piping hot mug of Swiss Miss! Oooh, bliss.

  2. Thanks Grace! I'll have to check out Gevalia when I'm at Nicolas Coffee or Presto George. I'm always interested in trying new flavors.