Friday, February 6, 2015

Need Help Choosing a Cover for my new YA novel, Blood Tithe

My Publisher, Helping Hands Press, and I are working up early cover ideas for my next novel, 
Blood Tithe 
Do you like A or B? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you so much! -Mark
A                                                          B

Here's an intro to Blood Tithe:

Months have passed since dragons had torched parts of Chicago. With the portal finally locked between Eversong and Earth, life seems to be returning to normal on both worlds. Fat chance.

On Earth, Jason Snider and Kat Meyers thought eighth grade would be the toughest thing they’d face until faeries start stalking them. An ancient faerie war threatens to erupt again, one that only the Blood Tithe sacrifice can prevent. The Tithe requires special blood from a special human and Maurelle, the terrifying faerie king of the Winter Court, has found that one special person: Jason Snider. 

On Eversong, destructive forces are unleashed that the Magi Order hasn’t faced in generations. The young elf Strum is drawn into a race to capture a mad mage bent on reopening the portal. Many fear the mage will succeed. Others secretly fear Strum will and summon the power of the storm to ensure that he fails.

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