Monday, February 16, 2015

Thanks for all the great cover comments!

I want to take a minute and thank everyone who took time to comment on the cover concepts for my next cover
Blood Tithe 
The first installment is titled The Chosen. It means a lot to me that people took time from their busy day to help! The covers are some initial ideas that we'll be tweaking before the story comes out. I've included some of the comments below. Thanks again!  --Mark 

Here are some of the comments:
"Left one because it catches my eye and draws me in. Also since this is a YA novel, I think this one would appeal more to the target audience."

"I like the colours of the one on the right."

"Overall, I think I like the left better than the right. I do like the gossamer look of the fairy. And I like the alignment of the fairy with the title The Chosen. I don't really get the feel of Blood Tithe from the book on the right."

"I like the green colors but like the left one as a whole."

"Overall I like the right one better, but you have to do something with the title, very hard to read."    

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